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Starting a new job

Tomorrow I start a new job. Like any new situation, I know in time a discussion of food will come into play. I briefly dropped the C word (Celiac) during my interview but know for others, it isn’t an important thing to remember. I’ve been gluten free long enough to know how to appropriately maneuver around the office potluck (bring my own potluck dish to share) or how to handle the group lunch outings (take the lead on suggesting places to go and remind folks that it is a must I eat somewhere safe). But there will always be new people to educate on why I eat gluten free, why it’s not a fad for me, why I don’t lose weight eating gluten free (my body is healthy now and absorbs nutrients)  and biting my tongue when I get told “Oh I’d die if I couldn’t drink beer” or the ever popular favorite amongst Celiacs of “You can go and just get a salad, right?”

So tomorrow begins a new chapter for me of which I am really looking forward to. The company, people and culture all seem great. 

I’d love to know how you handle new situations and assessing your dietary needs. What do you do?