I like to say I’m a gluten free guy living in a gluten filled world. My name is Steve and I’m grateful to be part of the gluten free and Celiac community. In the past, I blogged under the name Gluten Free Steve where I connected with so many of you.

The gluten free community has been a huge part of my life. I’ve connected with so many others that just “get it” as they understand the life of a Celiac. My husband, who I refer to as The Artist on my blog, isn’t gluten free or Celiac but he definitely gets it. He’s my support system, my test taster, my chief motivator and most importantly, my best friend.

I’ve criss crossed the country in my past. I was born in Pennsylania and in my late 20’s, I moved to Michigan. From there, I move to Denver in my 30s and Columbus, OH in my mid-40s to finally, my dream city of Portland, OR in my late-40s.

The reason I chose my blog’s name is I could have things much worse than just “living with Celiac”. There are so many things in life I am grateful for – it’s hard to name them all. But the older I get, hopefully a bit more wiser I get, and I try to realize what is important in life and to be appreciative and grateful.

Oh yeah, I’m also grateful for the other support system in our house – they don’t fully know it, but our two cats make me laugh, smile and bring me more joy then I could ever imagine.

Thanks for connecting with me on this journey of life.


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