What I am grateful for today 

Today is a beautiful weather day in Portland. The rain has stopped. The sun is out. The sky’s is crystal clear and blue. Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. 

The fountain that we have had for years and moved from Colorado to two homes in Ohio and to two homes in Oregon is finally up and running after 14+ years. Definitely grateful for that!

The past few weeks have been filled with anxiety and angst. My job is not going well and I am on the search for a new one. A dear old friend called me yesterday to tell me she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Another friend told me she moved her father into a skilled living facility. And we are waiting on potentially big news for an artist residency program for The Artist.

But today I am grateful for so many things. Including the walk we took where we ran into to a neighbor we haven’t met yet. She was so wonderful to meet and chat with.

Another thing I am grateful for…a few weeks ago, The Artist and I took ago pottery throwing class for Valentine’s Day. We picked our pieces up yesterday and I love how they turned out.

His is the heart shaped bowl and mine is the pot. The Artist took care of planting a plant in it for me. 

They bring me joy and I am grateful we were able to take the class together. 

So while there is a lot of anxiety and angst right now in my life, I can always find things to be grateful for.

What are you grateful for today?

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