Stress, work, cooking and this gf community

Life sure has been interesting. First, it’s been a year since I’ve blogged. Not my intention but I was just trying to find my way through some things. But life has thrown me another curveball….one I can work through. But it’s taken some toll on me with incredible stress. And what makes me happy when I am stressful is walking and cooking.

Well, here in the PNW, walking isn’t always an option daily. This is our rainy season. Yes, I can walk in the rain, but alas…I don’t. I prefer to walk in the mornings and it’s been cold, rainy and dark. But the time change next weekend will help one of those three, so I can start walking again.

And cooking – I can always cook. That gives me such joy. Tonight I am making gluten free chicken enchiladas. It’s a favorite recipe of mine that I’ve made for 20+ years and it is so easy to make. I’ll share it after it comes out of the oven so I can take a photo with the recipe.

The gluten free community is an amazing support group of people, so I realized now, when I am stressed, nervous, anxious and worried…this is my support group. Sharing recipes, product reviews or general life musings helps me to decompress.

I had a great talk with a friend today as I walked – she calmed me down, gave me great advice and a virtual hug and smile over the phone. I needed that more than she realized. And The Artist….I could not ask for a more amazing support system in my life. He’s truly a gift and I am grateful for him. Here are some photos of the park near our house where I walked today to get grounded and get inspiration.


The tree that you see on the left, partially cut down, is part of the tree on the right, whre you can see the top has been cut off. The tree, from what I am told, is around 400 years old. It is immense and solid. I love water, the forest and trees and green – so this walk with the creek and waterfall (albeit a small one) and the moss on the path recharged me from a depression.

So here I am back, and I will try to be here more often for you as you’ve always been here for me.

P.S.: Here’s the enchilada casserole. I wish this site had a scent function as it smells so wonderful.

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