Why I love Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America”

I consider myself a foodie. I like good food. I like seeing photos of food. I like talking about good meals and cooking and sharing recipes. I’m not an extreme foodie – for example, some of the items they use on Top Chef, I have no idea what they are. While I’m in my late 40s, it amazes me when I watch Food Network’s Worst Cooks in America and see people in their 50s and 60s who can’t cook. Who truly do not know how to cook a meal. That tastes good. That looks good.  To me, it’s not that hard. You read a recipe. You follow it. It’s that simple. Over time, you acquire skills and tastes to learn how to do things on your own. And you still can follow recipes to make new and better things.

I know when a pan is smoking you don’t add oil to it. I know that when I am cooking, I don’t just dump everything I’ve used and don’t need, including knives, on the floor versus cleaning up. I know it’s quite a challenge to burn a pancake and still have it be raw at the same time. All things that happened on last night’s episode. I’m no culinary expert. My knife skills would never win in a competition but I can get around in the kitchen quite well.

If you’ve not watched this show, it’s better than some sitcoms out there. Fourteen chefs, deemed the Worst Cooks in America by Tyler Florence (@tylerflorence) and Anne Burrell (@chefanneburrell), are in a competition to become better cooks, nay, chefs and make a restaurant quality meal in the end.

I’d love to cook with either Chef Tyler or Chef Anne. Gosh, talk about a dream come true! Chef Tyler or Chef Anne, if you’re reading and ever get to Portland, OR – please let me know. I’d love to cook with you or just meet up for lunch or dinner! So for these 14, who are the worst, I hope they appreciate the lessons they are receiving from two culinary masters.

One of my favorite scenes in last night’s premiere is when Ty, a contestant, tries to make a recipe that Anne just made for them. He actually cuts the wrong end of the asparagus off and serves it to her. Yes, it’s true,

My favorite moment from last night’s episode. Cutting the wrong end of the asparagus off and serving it to Chef Anne.

I am so glad this show is back on air for a new season. I can’t wait to watch the contestants each week continue to grow and develop into better chefs and be able to be proud of the meals they cook!



1 thought on “Why I love Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America””

  1. Okay, Steve, I have to ask. Don’t you really think some of that stuff is staged? I mean that’s the norm on such shows, right? If they say they are the “worst” cooks, they really need to ensure that they come across that way. In any regard, you are so right about cooking skills. The main way to learn them is to get in the kitchen and cook. Look up any term or method that you don’t know in a recipe, but also don’t be afraid to move on to another recipe. Good food really doesn’t have to be difficult to make. Even basic cooking skills will get you good meals if you start out with good quality real food. I know … I’m preaching to the choir. 😉


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