Meeting Bob from Bob’s Red Mill

I had the privilege yesterday to attend a luncheon for the Portland Business Journal’s Oregon’s Most Admired Companies. One of the award winners, in the Agriculture category, was Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods. Bob, in his iconic red cap, was there.

I made my way over to Bob after the ceremony as I wanted to meet him and say congratulations.

Bob was kind enough to listen to me ramble about how I blog gluten free, have been Celiac for ~9 years now and how he makes some good and trusted products for our community. Thanks, Bob, for listening!

I think you can figure out who Bob is and who the Grateful Celiac is in this photo!

He told me that when he first got into the gluten free industry, he took it seriously. It was important to him.

Thanks, Bob, for taking it seriously, for all you do for the gluten free community and for great products!  And thanks for the opportunity to get a photo with you!

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