When you tell someone you can’t eat gluten

I’ve been gluten free long enough to know how to tell others I can’t eat anything with gluten. There’s always a chance for educating others and I try to remember that when I get reactions such as, “Oh that stinks”.

No, it doesn’t stink. What stinks is how wicked my gas was when I ate gluten. What stinks was how lethargic I was all the time. The dark circles under my eyes. The throbbing joint aches and pains. The sharp stomach pains that felt like a knife was driving into my side. The dry, red cracked skin that no lotion on earth could seem to hydrate. That’s what stinks.

What doesn’t stink is how I feel. For one, I’m not killing my body with a poison that my body can’t handle.

It’s all about education, I feel. So when I get that reaction of “That stinks” I try to remember that I didn’t know what Celiac Disease was before I was diagnosed. I think back to a coworker years ago who told me she can’t eat anything with wheat and I stupidly said, “So just eat carrots and water?”.

What’s been your reaction and how do you handle comments when you tell people you can’t eat gluten?

So while I can’t eat gluten, there are PLENTY of other things besides carrots and water that I can eat. And for that, I’m grateful.

1 thought on “When you tell someone you can’t eat gluten”

  1. Great post, Steve! So many forget that we were all there at one point, ignorant about gluten and all its ramifications for those with celiac/NCGS. I shared a post long ago, stating how ignorant and somewhat inconsiderate I had been to a celiac friend. I just didn’t know. Remembering being in that place does help us educate others, ideally gently and helpfully.



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